Monday, February 6, 2012

Earning Using PTC sites

In the last decade most of the online earners are very much interested in ptc earnings and joined with lot of ptc sites to increase their wallet. It is not easy to earn a good income from ptc sites without referrals, we need a lot of referrals to make a good income from them as well as we must work hard to get referrals. Before getting enough referrals and reaching the payout limit, most of the ptc sites are turned as scam. So people lost their interest with ptc sites.

PTC sites and earning from it is like a gambling, there is no guarantee for any site in the PTC world, even some good trusted and paying sites are also turned as scam. Upbux and on bux is the great example for it. However some good PTC sites like Neobux are also available in the PTC world and reduced the click rates to survive.

Now a days most of the people are not interested in joining with new ptc sites, there is no guarantee for their stability as well as it is very hard to find a stable site. Most of the PTC owners closed their site and scammed the people after getting enough income and benefits from their ptc site. Still some sites like Clixsense, buxp, link grand, word linx are paying around years to their members, but the earnings are very low and we are in need to use and click on the ads for a long time to get the payment. People lost their patience and tolerance with the ptc sites as they are changing their click rates frequently.

It is not easy to make a reasonable income from ptc sites without upgrade, we must invest our money with the to purchase the upgrade and earn a good income for our click as well as our referrals click. There is nothing wrong in investing our money with stable and paying site which is around years, but we must be very careful while upgrading our account with the new site. Don't dream that we can make a good income from ptc sites, because it is very hard to make a good money from ptc site without investment as well as referrals. Better to keep distance from the ptc site and concentrate in some other ways to get good online earnings.

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