Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Disadvantages of Cell phones

Cell Phones are playing an important role in this modern world. It is very hard to see a person without a mobile phone. Even a little kid have the ability to access the cell phone fluently without any problem. Kids are very much interested in playing games in mobile phone and spending a lot of time with it.

As we know too much of cell phone usage is not good for us and it will give some unwanted health issues. Cell phone will create some unwanted radiation which is not good for our brain. A person who is using cell for a long time will surely get health issues due to it. We must control our cell activities. Avoid using it for a long time and use it whenever necessary.

Listening music using the ear phone is the new trend of the youngsters and most of the persons are interested in listening music with their hands free while riding their two wheeler. Really it is a dangerous thing which causes a lot of unwanted accidents. Most of the two wheeler accidents are happened due to this activity. 

Now we are living a fast life and don't have enough time to meet our friends and family members. Simply we make a call to them and ask about their updates. Previously people will meet their friends and beloved persons directly and ask about their present status, but now it is easy to communicate with anyone using the phone and most of the persons are converted to this trend it reduce the get together and social reunions a lot.

Students will get diversion with cell phones, they are spending a lot of time with cell phone chatting and browsing online through their smart phone and reduce their studying activity. Most of the students are turned as cell phone and online addicts which is a great disadvantage. There is nothing wrong in using cell phone, we must use it in a limited manner to avoid unwanted issues due to it.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

New Invention

We all are living in modern world and have lot of newinventions. Most of us are updated our self with the new technology items likesmart phone, ipad and other gadgets, it is very hard to imagine our modern life without this gadgets. Day by day some newupdates andinventions are arriving in the market and people are interested in buying this new products, due to the heavy usage of electronic items we will suffer in various ways.
As we know too much of electronic items usage is not good for us and this kind of electronic items have the ability to emits the radiation which is not good for us, but we are in need to use the modern items due to various needs. We can reduce the continuous usage and take proper break to keep our self safe and reduce thepercentage of the issues.
Some electronic device have very low time span, we must handle them with lot of care, this kind of devices are very sensitive, if we dropped it in the floor, it will be spoiled, few days before my son dropped my new smart phone and it lost its display due to his activity, luckily we have the ability to change the display and use the same phone.
It will be more useful if all the new inventions as well as electronic items have the recycling activities. Since electronic items cause a lot of issues and it is the indirect cause for global warming. Most of the electronic items don't support the recycling activity and we don't have the ability to recycle the gadget if it is spoiled. If the new gadgets will come with an recyclable activity surely it will be more eco friendly and we can recycle our old and spoiled electronic item in to a new one. By doing this kind of activity we can save a lot of money as well as energy, also we avoid the electronic garbage.
Hope Scientists will start the recycling activities with electronic gadgets and find a way to reuse the old and spoiled electronic items and gadgets. It will be more useful in various sort. This kind of new invention will surely create a new evolution in the world. Let expect the recycling of the old and used gadgets as a new one.

Unemployed Graduates

Lot of graduates are unemployed and searching for a proper job. Every year lot of people finishing their graduation in various courses and searching for job. Most of them are interested in getting a good job at the beginning. But it is not easy to sit in a highest paying jobwithout proper experience.
After completing our graduation, we are fresher in work and don't have any experience in career, so we need to get experience first. So don't search for a highest paying job at the beginning, it is impossible to get this kind of jobs without proper experience. Students must take proper training and get experience to settle with a highest paying job.
Don't ignore any job and do the training and normal paying jobs to get experience. With such kind of jobs we can get more experience, with our work experience we can learn a lot of things and get in depth knowledge in our field. This experience make us an expert in our field.
We must do some useful courses simultaneously while studying colleges, it will be more useful to us to get placement in jobs. Computer knowledge and courses are important for computer literacy. Doing a proper computer course while doing college will help us to learn more about it as well as increase our knowledge in computer field. Day by day computer field is improving and lot of new updates are coming, we must update our skills based on it.
Finishing college education only don't help us to get a highest paying job. We must increase our skills in various ways as well as get experience in our field to get a good job. Don't waste your time in search of a good job. Just do the job which is available to you and improve your skills simultaneously to get your dream job.
Unemployed graduates must improve their skills in various ways to gain experience and get up to date knowledge. Your skills, experience and knowledge will help you to get your dream job, so improve your skills to achieve your dreams.

Importance of Keyword/Tag

Keyword or tags playing an important role in SEO services and article writing. We must give the proper key words to our articles to get the targeted visitors. People will search in the searching engines using the keywords and the search engines will check for this keywords with their submissions and display the results which is relevant to the searching keyword.

We must pay an extra attention while giving the keywords to our articles and provide all the relevant and necessary tags to our articles to get more search engine visitors. For example if you are writing an article about your city, you must give the proper key words like city, place, your city name, best things in your city, important and unique thing of your city, guide, tourist, travel and some other necessary keywords which is relevant for your article. Give a lot of relevant key words as much as you can, it will help you to get more visitors.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is working based on the tags or keywords and the results will displayed based on the search term or key word. If we provide all the relevant key word to our article for eg. city, if some people searching for an article with the key word city, our article will be displayed in the search result and the person will open our article to read, we will get a visitor in this way.

While writing articles we must give importance to the title, select the apt title to your topic and include the title as a key word, some person may search an article with our title too, if we included the title in our tags, our article will be displayed in the result. Giving a proper title as well as including the title with keyword is important to get more traffic.

Tags are very important in article marketing and getting traffic to our articles. We must give importance to the tags and use proper and relevant tags to our topic to increase the traffic. Don't ignore the tags or keyword, it is playing a great role in article traffic. We must give our utter most in giving proper keywords to our article to get more search engine traffic. Since SEO traffic is very important in the article world.

Benefits of Distance Education

Distance education is really a great gift to lot of people and we have the ability to continue our education at any time and age using distance education method. Some people don't have the ability to continue their college education due to various reasons like poverty, going to job, time lack and other things. This kind of people can continue their education using distance education method and get their degree easily in convenient and comfortable way.

Distance education don't require a great qualifications. Simply we can apply for it after completing our schooling and we can continue our studies while going to a job. Since we are doing our college in correspondence method using this kind of distance education, so we can work and study at the same time without any issues. Distance education method helps us to continue our job and studies simultaneously and we can earn money from our work and spend it for our education.

While studying in correspondence manner, we can do our job and pay our fees from our own income and we are not depending our parents or others for our education purpose and we will get more satisfaction while continuing our studies with our own earnings. Also we know about the importance of the money, if we pay our fees from our own work and study our lessons in a good manner and get good marks in our exams.

Distance education is having a lot of benefits. We may miss the fun of class room studies and enjoyment with our friends. But we are studying from our own money, and know the value of money and education if we earn by our own and study our lessons with lot of care. We have lot of medium to get reference. We can use internet to find reference and gain more information and knowledge from online sites. Some people may think that the person who is studying via distance education method may lack in knowledge, but they are wrong. This kind of people have their own experience and gain knowledge from their experiences and practical experiments. They also attend seminar classes and learn a lot of things from it.

In my opinion distance education is the great choice for the person who don't have the ability to pay a lot of fees as well as in need to continue their studies while working. Surely distance education is the best choice to continue our degree from our own income.

Importance of Passwords

Password playing an important role in our online activities and we must give more importance to our username and password. Changing password frequently and keep it in a safe place is important to avoid unwanted hacking activities.

We must select a powerful password with the combination of characters, letters, special symbols to make our password strong. We must be very careful while giving the important password like payment process passwords, net banking password and other important ones. Change your password frequently, don't share your password with anyone even with your close friends and other members. Always keep it secret to avoid unwanted problems.
Some people will store their passwords in their browser and other keylog systems. But we must be very careful while saving password with browsers. Don't save your payment processor or net banking passwords in your browser, it may lead you to face account hacking.

Always use the secured https:// to access the important site and don't open the sites with strange links. Always go to the actual site with https link and give the password to the real site. We must be very careful with netbanking passwords and most of the banks suggest us to change the password frequently to avoid problems.

We must surely avoid using the same password with various sites, if one of our account has been hacked, the hacker will use the same password to hack other accounts, if we use the same password. So don't use the same password as well as make your password stronger by using characters, numbers,symbols with it. The combination of various characters, numbers and special codes will make your password more powerful.

Don't join with the captcha trading sites, they are using technique to hack the accounts using password. Better to keep distance from the captcha site and don't use the same password in various sites. Give a lot of importance to your password and keep it confidential, it is your safer side.