Friday, March 16, 2012

Importance of Passwords

Password playing an important role in our online activities and we must give more importance to our username and password. Changing password frequently and keep it in a safe place is important to avoid unwanted hacking activities.

We must select a powerful password with the combination of characters, letters, special symbols to make our password strong. We must be very careful while giving the important password like payment process passwords, net banking password and other important ones. Change your password frequently, don't share your password with anyone even with your close friends and other members. Always keep it secret to avoid unwanted problems.
Some people will store their passwords in their browser and other keylog systems. But we must be very careful while saving password with browsers. Don't save your payment processor or net banking passwords in your browser, it may lead you to face account hacking.

Always use the secured https:// to access the important site and don't open the sites with strange links. Always go to the actual site with https link and give the password to the real site. We must be very careful with netbanking passwords and most of the banks suggest us to change the password frequently to avoid problems.

We must surely avoid using the same password with various sites, if one of our account has been hacked, the hacker will use the same password to hack other accounts, if we use the same password. So don't use the same password as well as make your password stronger by using characters, numbers,symbols with it. The combination of various characters, numbers and special codes will make your password more powerful.

Don't join with the captcha trading sites, they are using technique to hack the accounts using password. Better to keep distance from the captcha site and don't use the same password in various sites. Give a lot of importance to your password and keep it confidential, it is your safer side.