Friday, March 16, 2012

New Invention

We all are living in modern world and have lot of newinventions. Most of us are updated our self with the new technology items likesmart phone, ipad and other gadgets, it is very hard to imagine our modern life without this gadgets. Day by day some newupdates andinventions are arriving in the market and people are interested in buying this new products, due to the heavy usage of electronic items we will suffer in various ways.
As we know too much of electronic items usage is not good for us and this kind of electronic items have the ability to emits the radiation which is not good for us, but we are in need to use the modern items due to various needs. We can reduce the continuous usage and take proper break to keep our self safe and reduce thepercentage of the issues.
Some electronic device have very low time span, we must handle them with lot of care, this kind of devices are very sensitive, if we dropped it in the floor, it will be spoiled, few days before my son dropped my new smart phone and it lost its display due to his activity, luckily we have the ability to change the display and use the same phone.
It will be more useful if all the new inventions as well as electronic items have the recycling activities. Since electronic items cause a lot of issues and it is the indirect cause for global warming. Most of the electronic items don't support the recycling activity and we don't have the ability to recycle the gadget if it is spoiled. If the new gadgets will come with an recyclable activity surely it will be more eco friendly and we can recycle our old and spoiled electronic item in to a new one. By doing this kind of activity we can save a lot of money as well as energy, also we avoid the electronic garbage.
Hope Scientists will start the recycling activities with electronic gadgets and find a way to reuse the old and spoiled electronic items and gadgets. It will be more useful in various sort. This kind of new invention will surely create a new evolution in the world. Let expect the recycling of the old and used gadgets as a new one.

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  1. Recycling is a great idea which should be used more.I agree. We don't just need scientists to work on these new technologies we need investors who will finance research and businesses who are willing to use new technologies.