Monday, February 6, 2012

Fast Food Addiction

We all know fast food is not good for our health, but still some people are addicted with it and don't have the ability to come out from fast food craze. Most of the fast foods are cooked in an instant manner with some artificial ingredients and flavors which is not good for our health, also the cook will add some thing to increase the taste of the food, this kind of ingredients and flavors will give some good taste to our tongue, but it is not good for our health.

Some persons will get stomach problems and some other side effects after taking the fast food, even some people started to vomit and get sick due to this kind of unwanted ingredients which is added in the fast food. Too much of fast food is not good for our health, surely we must avoid the fast food addiction to avoid a lot of health issues.

Yesterday i read a news stated that a 13 year old girl get an strange disease due to her fast food habit, she is interested in taking fast food and every week days she will go to the fast food center after finishing her school and eat the food whichever she wish, due to this activity frequently she get stomach pain, but she don't give more importance to it. Finally she is affected with a new kind of disease and doctors are consulting for solving her issue. Doctors find that she got this problem due to her fast food habit and advised her to completely avoid fast food here after.

We don't get any benefits by eating fast food, on the other hand it will give some health issues and strange disease. Better to avoid fast food and always take the good and health food which is good for your health. Also avoid the oil and junk food to keep your health in a good manner. Health is our real wealth and we must give a lot of importance to our health by avoiding this kind of unwanted things. It will lead us to live a happy life for a long time without health issues.

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