Monday, February 6, 2012

Parent Children Relationship

Parent and children relationship is an important one. In fact parents are the role model to the kids and teach a lot of good things to them. If our kid is in childhood stage, we must give a lot of care and attention to them and watch each and every moment of our kid. Teach a lot of good things in the childhood days, if they learnt good things in the earlier stage they never forget it through out the life.

Parents must know their responsibilities in the children growth and do all the things properly. Now a days both of the parents are going for job and don't have enough time to spend with the kids, they will spend some time with their kid in the week end. Try your maximum to allocate some time for your kids and enjoy a lot with them. As we are working hard and earning money for their purpose, so we must spend time with them as well as satisfy their little and honest desires.

Keep a good friendship with your kid and know about their problems and happiness. Don't hesitate to fulfill their honest desires. But never encourage them to become adamant and don't buy all the things whichever they want. Provide the things which is need and necessary for them. Keep a good relationship with your kid and watch their activities. Don't forget to praise their activities and achievements. It will motivate them and give more encouragement and energy to them. Kids will start to achieve a lot in their life with this kind of motivation.

As i already mentioned parents are the role model to the kids, so we must do all the good things in front of them. Children have the ability to grasp the things easily, if we teach good things in their childhood, they will grasp it well and follow it throughout their life. Keep watching about their friends activities too and guide your kid to join with good company. Friends have the ability to change their activities and attitude, so don't allow your kid to join with a bad company.

Parent's role in a children growth is very important and essential. Both father and mother must give their uttermost to the kid and grow it up in a good manner. Consider your kid as your eye and protect them through out your life.

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